Transitional period

Eat or Heat's guide to Universal Credit

When will Transitional Protection end? As stated, we believe it is correct to cushion claimants who are affected by a change that the DWP is making when the claimant has had no changes in circumstance. However, it is appropriate to end this protection when circumstances underlying an award are no longer recognisable as those on which the legacy calculation was made. Therefore Transitional Protection will end altogether if a claimant’s circumstances change significantly. The following occurrences are defined as a significant change in circumstance:

  • a partner leaving/joining the household; 
  • a sustained (3 month) earnings drop beneath the level of work that is expected of them according to their claimant commitment; 
  • the Universal Credit award ending; and/or 
  • one (or both) members of the household stopping work.

Once Transitional Protection has ended it will not be applied to any future awards.


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